Q:What if I don't have a Facebook account? Can a child/spouse/friend sign up for me?
A:  All of our work is done through Facebook. If you don't have a Facebook account, we aren't able to match you as a sponsor. Though we prefer you to sign up yourself, we can make exceptions at times. If this is the case, please contact us first before signing up.

Q:Do I need to add the admins to be able to participate?
A: Yes. It is the only way you can be tagged in the post when it is your turn to sponsor. You can choose to "unfollow" the admin(s) if you don't wish to have our posts on your newsfeed, but you must have the designated admin(s) as a friend in order for us to tag you in the group.

Q:How long is the wait? How can I tell where I am on the waiting list?
A:  It varies depending on your budget & which list you are on. It also has a lot to do with our requests. Human sponsor lists can take as little as 2 days or as long as a month, sometimes longer, to get matched. The K9 sponsors are rotating at about once a month. 

Q: Can I sign up for both human & K9 sponsorship?
A: Yes, but please check your budget first. We can't guarantee you won't be called for both at the same time. This means, if you signed up for a $50 human package, and a $100 K9 package, you could in theory spend $150 in one week. If you wish to sign up for both, but can only be called for 1 at a time, please let the admins know.

Q: Am I committing to their whole tour?
A:  No. It is a one time send. This means, that once you have mailed your care package, you must re-apply to sponsor again. It is rare that you will send to the same person twice, though it has happened for some of our sponsors.

Q: If I sign up for a package, and I have money issues/can't send/need more time, how do I contact someone to lower my budget/change the start date/get the list re-sponsored/request more time to get it shipped?
  Simply message Trina, or the admin that matched you & let them know that you need to adjust something and which list (human or K9) you are on or which package you are working on. They will be more than happy to help you out with any adjustments or getting the list re-sponsored if you are able to sponsor. We all understand that life happens sometimes, and you can't plan for everything.

Q: I have extra space in my box, and I'm having trouble figuring out ideas to fill the space what are some frequently requested items?
You can get ideas for frequently requested Human items here, and K9 items here. If you have any further questions, please ask an admin.

Q: I'm having trouble figuring out how to fill out a customs form. Can you help?
A: First, check out Customs Form Information Page. If you're still having trouble after that, contact an admin. We're happy to help.

Q: I had someone message me asking if I would send them items. Can I send to them?
A: No, we would prefer you don't. If this happens, please let an admin know and tell the person messaging you to contact an admin as well to request a package. We have them request through us for a reason.

Q: What does my donation get used for?
A: Donations are used mostly for purchasing items to send & shipping costs, and some is spent on administration costs like our website fees.

Q: Are administrators/"staff" paid?
A: No. All of our admins volunteer their time 100%.

Q:What is not allowed in care packages?
A: Aerosol cans, Alcohol, Pork (unless requested), Pornographic and sexual materials (including nudes and semi-nudes), Non-authorized political materials, Religious materials contrary to Islam in bulk quantities, Firearms and ammunition, Money, Hazardous/flammable/toxic/radioactive substances.
If you have a question regarding if you can send a specific item or not, please check with an admin.

Q: I am confused about aerosol cans and cans of shaving creme. What types can we send?
A: We ask that you send the shaving gel. Most Dollar Trees have a brand that they sell that works perfect, it's a Sensitive Skin Shave Gel for Men in a 5 oz tube. Most stores carry some kind of shave gel that works perfect for sending over seas. We can not send aerosol cans because of the risk of them exploding in the boxes from pressure.

Q: I coupon a lot and stock up on items. Can I prepare care packages from my inventory, take a photo, and you match me that way?
Although we prefer to give you a list to shop for, so we get the service members the items they need, and have you throw in extras from your stock to fill space, we can work something out if you already have items on hand. Just know, it may take a little longer to find you someone to send to vs if you sign up to send a requested package since we need to wait for someone who happens to need what you have on hand.

Q: I have some items in my stock that have expired, or are close to expiring. Can I still send them?
A: No. We ask that you don't send anything expired, or that will expire within three to four (3-4) weeks of the date you are mailing the box.

Q: Can I send microwavable meals?
A: Yes you can. We recommend that you send ones that are in containers that can go directly into the microwave, as not everyone has access to bowls/containers. It is also recommended to send some kind of silverware along as well.

Q: What if I want to mail something to HBCP, for you to mail out?
A:  We welcome donations being mailed to us. If you'd like to send us items, please send them to the address listed on our Contact Us page. If you wish to send a check donation, rather than sending through the paypal links, please make the check out to Heroes Betterment Inc.

Q: What does the "HB" stand for?
Our legal name is Heroes Betterment Incorporated. We shorten it down to HB to make it easier.

Q: Are you a legal non profit/501(c)3?
YES WE ARE!!! We received our approval May 1st, 2016.

Q: Can I get a receipt for tax deductions?
For boxes you personally pack & send out, no. For any money, or items you donate to the organization for us to use/mail out, Yes.

Year end tax receipts will be mailed/emailed by the end of January. 

Frequently Asked Questions: