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Q: How often can I request a package?
A: You are able to submit a request every thirty (30) days.

Q: Is there anything I can't request?
A: We ask that you don't request anything overly expensive. Our sponsors pick a budget that works for them, and we'd like them to be able to send as much as possible, not just 1-2 items. Specialty items are a different case. If you have a question whether something is okay to request, please ask an admin.

Q: What kinds of special items can be requested?
A: Special items can be anything that is needed. For K9s, we can get patches, leashes, cooling beds and/or vests, boots, etc.. For the service members, we are happy to order sheet sets, pillows, even things like coffee pots and crock pots. Please be reasonable with what you request. If you have any questions about items we can/can't send, please ask an admin.

Q: Do you give out my address to anyone?
We do not give out your address to anyone without your permission. By requesting, you are giving permission to give your address to the sponsors we pair you with, this is why we tag you in a post, so you know who is getting your address. We do not give your address to anyone who is not associated with our organization. If you think someone got your address from one of our admins, please contact us so we can look into it.

Q: I requested for my platoon/unit, can I send a separate request just for myself?
A: Yes! If you send in a request for a group, you are welcome to request a personal package as well.

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Request A Care Package:

If you would like some of our flyers or business cards sent to you so you can post them around your base just let us know & we will mail you some!
If you have the ability to print off our fylers yourself, here is a color and black & white version for you to choose from.

Just a couple of our happy recipients

You *MUST* add the correct admin. Without being friends with the admins, we can't tag you in our group, and therefore cannot get you sponsored as easily.
If you do not have a Facebook, do not use your account often on deployment, or are unable to access your account while deployed, PLEASE e-mail us, or make a note in the "questions" box so we can work with you.
Also, please do not search our names on Facebook. It is likely you'll end up finding the wrong account.

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