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A Little About Us

HB Care Packages was formed in 2012, when an administrator of a military fitness page was informed by fans who were deployed to Afghanistan that they had no access to basic hygienic items since the exchange stores were closed on their base, and that the morale was getting lower and lower as meals were being removed for budget reasons and often being replaced by MREs (Meals Ready-To-Eat).

We decided to form a group soon after and provide a matching service based on needs and wants. Each deployed service member and/or handler provides a small list of items they need/want and our sponsors commit to purchasing and shipping the items with extras if they choose. The sponsors have 7 days after accepting to shop and ship, which helps ensure that they don't forget and also makes it certain that our deployed receive their needed items as soon as possible. Since mail can take upwards of a month or more in some locations we request our sponsors ship as quickly as possible.
In April of 2015, HB's became a Minnesota state non-profit. As of May 1st, 2016, we have been federally approved and are now a 501(c)3 non-profit organization.

Service members and coalition forces serving our country overseas go without basic necessities every day. Things like a warm meal, a pillow to sleep on, even basic hygiene items, such as toilet paper and shampoo, are hard to come by. This not only affects them physically, but it lowers their morale as well. Help us get them the things they need and boost their morale at the same time.


We have a simple mission: To provide support to both our active military and coalition forces, as well as our veterans here at home, both human & K9.

What We’re Doing